Freequently asked questions
  • Are there any registration charges?
    • No, not at all. This is a free portal.
  • Can I take the tests without registering?
    • Yes, you can take any number of tests but the detailed analysis is available only to the registered users.
  • I successfully submitted the registration form but did not receive the email containing the password.
    • Please check the spam folder, in case. Some email service providers may take up to couple of hours to deliver your email. If nothing works, please try to retrieve the password using 'forgot password'
  • I have an account with Facebook. Can I directly register with
    • Yes, certainly.
  • If I take a test as a registered user, will the analysis of my performance be available in my account for later use?
    • Yes, certainly.
  • I am not ready to take an actual full length test. Can I take tests based on the topics that I have studied?
    • Certainly. Once you have prepared a topic, you can take a test on that topic and at every attempt, 15 to 20 questions will be randomly selected from our large question bank. You can take tests any number of times until you have attempted each and every question pertaining to that topic.
  • Can I pause the test while taking the online test.
    • Yes. You can pause the time while taking the online test. You just need to make sure that the window in which the test is ON is not closed.
  • It would not be possible for me to take a full length online test of 3 hours in one go. Can I save the attempted portion of online test and resume next day?
    • Yes. You can save the online test and resume later as per your convenience. However, this feature is available only to the registered users.
  • I am a registered user. But accidently I took an online test as a guest. Can I still save the test result and analysis for this attempt in my account?
    • Yes. After submitting the online test, you would be prompted to save the test scores and analysis.
  • In some examinations like IIT JEE, several types of questions are asked and even the marking pattern is not uniform. How will I know the question type and marking scheme for a particular question?
    • For your convenience, information on 'Question Type' and 'Marking' is given with each question.
  • I came across an interesting question. Can I share it with my friends?
    • Oh yes, certainly. If you have an account with facebook, you can share a question and even an entire test with your friends.
  • I found an error in a question. How can I report it?
    • If you find any error while taking a test or while reviewing the analysis, please use 'Report error' feature. We would highly appreciate such feedback and incorporate corrections as soon as we can.
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